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Grab a beer and enjoy reading

I enjoy finance and accounting like I do prefer my beer: refreshing, interesting, and most of all easy drinking. Nowadays Finance and Accounting are perceived as hard cheese, pretty tough stuff with the appeal of sweaty socks, at least by some. But for a nerdy beancounter like me, this is something worth demystifying. 

Finance and Accounting should be entertaining and to some degree easy to apply. With a few simple explanations, every person whether it is a small business owner, a company director of an SME, or a school student trying to invest a few quid can be in a position to make better decisions and understand what his or her hard-earned money is doing! This blog should help you find an easy way through the numbers jungle. 

My goal is to explain "financial stuff" in such an easy and entertaining way that you don't need to bury your head in your hands and read through the lines time and time again! NO! The aim is for you to read this blog whilst enjoying a refreshing beer or glass of wine. It should be as joyful as going to the pub!

Hold on, what a load of b...@*~# you must think but I am up for the challenge.

So get a beer and let me blow your mind! Promise, it will get better beer after beer :-)


Why should you read the blog?

To gain an insight into the world of finance & accounting, told in a relaxed and entertaining fashion and accessible for everyone who wants to broaden his/her horizon, whether you are a school student, an entrepreneur or an establisehd finance pro.

What are my credentials?

I have worked as Head of Finance and Accounting for an SME which has grown its employee base from 28 to 105 employees in the last 6 years. Before that I was executive assistant for a strategic investment company. I hold a Master of Management Sciences.

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