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Financial Intelligence

(why bother?)

In the section about "Financial Literacy," I talked about how in finance and accounting, half the job is about reading and critically assessing what you read.

  • If I would need to give it a percentage figure, I believe reading and critically assessing things make up more than 50% of getting things right. Then it is down to the execution and being persistent and dogged in achieving it.

The second part is financial intelligence, a skill of great use in finance and accounting as well as real life. I believe you only need to master and understand a handful of concepts to really excel in the financial arena. After all, we are all mini-beancounters, whether at work or home, trying to keep the balance of money going in and money going out.

Here is why it matters

 Avoid &  Preserve

Avoid mistakes and unwise decisions and preserve  what is in your wallet

Accumulate & Accellerate

Make decisions that will lay the foundation of sound finances and  help you grow what is in your wallet

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